Following the ridgeline of the mountain with my eyes.
    The mountain I am seeing now has one side that I can see and on the other side that I cannot see.
    Such a very natural thing comes to my mind.

    In the creating process, I always face with these two sides.

    When I am drawing a line, I am tracing my experience too.
    On the other hand, I betray my experience and open up the unknown realm.

    The shape left blank on the paper becomes negative, and the shape hollowed out on the board turns to be positive.

    The blade of the table saw moves forward clockwise inside the line and counterclockwise outside.

    I file the section and impaste the base paint on it.
    The color of the material disappears and the true color emerges.

    A surface made up of a sequence of moving lines.
    Differences in adjacent colors create a relationship.

    The plate with only 12 mm thickness barely stands on the minimal installation stand.

    I am looking into the space at the height of the stand.
    The difference of vision when one eye is closed and the time difference of about a blink.
    The scenery I can see and the scenery on the other side I can look through.
    I want to face them for a while.